Use Cases

What critical business initiatives benefit from the power of BuyerAssist’s Buyer Engagement Platform? Here are a few key examples.

Collaborative Mutual
Success Plans
Buyer Value Discovery
Guided Sales
Buyer Enablement
Buyer Success Collaboration
Automate Handoffs to Post-sales
Collaborative Mutual Success Plans
Streamline sales execution to deliver what your buyers need

Forget legacy mutual action plans or close plans. Streamline how your sales teams co-create, collaborate, track, and deliver continuous value for your buyers using Mutual Success Plans.

Guided Sales Discovery Experience
Guided sales discovery experience to maximize the potential of your sales methodology

No more he said / she said. Integrate MEDDIC or your own sales qualification methodology to Mutual Success Plans to streamline sales discovery and confirm it with the customer at every step in the sales process.

Buyer Enablement
Give your buyers

Make it easy for your buyers to evaluate and deploy your solutions by pulling together everything they need to know into one place, and making it available to them in the flow of their work at the click of a button.

Sales Collaboration
Optimize collaboration to prove and deliver strategic value

Drive high standards of execution discipline and facilitate collaboration across various selling and buying teams with purpose-build project management solutions. Identify the patterns that lead to faster wins and more customer happiness — then scale them.

Automate Handoffs to Post-sales
Avoid critical information being lost in translation

Replace over-simplified summaries of complex buying priorities from seller recall, with automatically documented deal narratives containing buyer-verified information on executive priorities, milestones, key use-cases, go-live date and roll-out strategy in one place

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