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Service Level Agreement

Last Modified: May 31, 2021

Service Level Agreement

During the Subscription Term, BuyerAssist agrees to provide 95% Application Availability measured per month.  The term “Application Availability” means that the Subscription Services are available and working without material functional degradation.  Application Availability is measured at the point where the Subscription Services are made available on the Internet from the applicable BuyerAssist data center and are exclusive of unavailability caused by the Customer, outages by third-party Internet transport providers, scheduled maintenance periods or because of other causes beyond BuyerAssist's reasonable control.  BuyerAssist will use reasonable efforts to provide advance notice of scheduled unavailability of the Subscription Services within the Subscription Services portal or by email.
In the event BuyerAssist fails to meet Application Availability of at least 95% or higher in any given month, Customer may request within 30 days of such unavailability and BuyerAssist will provide upon validation of the unavailability,  the Subscription Services credit percent indicated below for such month against the immediate subsequent billing period’s total invoice for Subscription Services or, if no further fees are payable under the applicable Service Order, a pro-rata refund of any prepaid fees for the Subscription Services based on the schedule below for each month in which BuyerAssist failed to maintain Application Availability of at least 99.5%.
Application Availability % Credit
95 to 100 0%
93 to 94.9 4%
91 to 92.9 8%
Below 90.9 15%
In the event that BuyerAssist has failed to meet Application Availability of at least 95% for any three consecutive month period of any Subscription Term, Customer will have the right within 10 business days of such failure or consecutive miss to immediately terminate this Agreement and receive a refund for all prepaid fees for Subscription Services, prorated to the effective date of the Subscription Services unavailability or the date of the third consecutive monthly miss.

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