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What is
Buyer Engagement?

Buyer Engagement is a new way of selling that focuses on always being in sync with your buyers.
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Why change?

Businesses went
digital, B2B relationships didn’t

Over the last 10 years, every aspect of how businesses are run went digital. Sales got Salesforce, finance got Workday, internal teams got Slack.
But how we engage and collaborate with our buyers has not kept up. It is still manual, siloed, and outdated.

Why were
B2B relationships
left behind?

B2B relationships have been hard to digitize.
Here is why –
Buying varies a lot
B2B buying has always been complex. Each buying team has its own preferences and it is instinctive for us to rely on sellers to solve the buyers’ problem, and rightly so.
So many stakeholders
According to research by Clari, there could be anywhere between 7-19 buying stakeholders in the evaluation of your enterprise solution. It’s a challenge to uncover all these people’s individual preferences or getting all of them on the same page.
Focus has been on selling and not on buying
With sellers responsible for decrypting the buying complexity, digitizing sales productivity made sense. But because the focus was purely on the sellers, we left the buyers to fend for themselves leading to them preferring online research over talking to sellers.
Why now?

Digitizing Buyer Engagement
matters now


B2B buyers
are asking for help

77% of B2B buyers state the latest purchase to be very complex or difficult, and in fact 4 in 10 purchase attempts end in no-decision.


And are willing
to pay a premium

82% of customers are willing to pay more for a great experience.


Which means you can make more revenue, faster

Buyers are 34% more likely to buy and 32% more likely to renew a contract with B2B- leading suppliers that master customer experience.

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Your Guide To Buyer Engagement


The Promise

The power of digital buyer engagement

With access to data and insights, you can deliver the best buyer experience possible.
buyer engagement single buyer

Every single buyer will have open and transparent access to critical information needed for evaluation, deployment, and value realization.

buyer engagement collaborative

You will actively collaborate with your buyers as you pursue mutual success from this buyer engagement process.

buyer engagement contextual

You will constantly deliver the most personalized experience at speed across every stage of your buyers’ journey.

The Future

Your new world of Buyer Engagement

Buyer engagement empowers revenue leaders to transform their B2B buyer engagement to be digital-first and value-driven. It unlocks operational efficiency, streamlines cross-functional collaboration, and elevates the role of sellers to focus on value creation and delivery.

Here is how it works:

discover buyer engagement
Discover Value

BuyerAssist enables your sales team with a systematic approach to understand buyers’ context.

  • Outcome alignment
  • Dynamic buying journey builder
  • Co-create Mutual Success Plan
prove buyer engagement
Prove Value

BuyerAssist empowers you to deliver the most differentiated digital buyer experience.

measure buyer engagement
Measure Value

BuyerAssist helps you understand how your customers buy and realize value from you

  • Forward-looking forecast intelligence
  • Buying behavior intelligence
  • Win-Loss analysis automation
deliver buyer engagement
Deliver Value

BuyerAssist helps you accelerate value realization for your customers.

  • Shared view of success
  • Deployment management
  • QBR and EBR automation

Still not convinced with why you should invest into Buyer Engagement?

Mutual Success Plans is where enablement meets execution. It is a critical tool as we look to operationalize MEDDICC in every single buyer engagement. We are excited to partner with BuyerAssist on automating and making mutual success plans easy for our sellers and prospects to co-create.

Picture of Senior Director for Revenue Enablement
Chuck Marcouiller

Senior Director
Revenue Enablement

Our sales process is complex and can take anywhere from 2-10 months. With so many things that could change in this timeframe, having a mutual success plan is critical to our ability to win deals predictably and avoid any last minute surprises.

Joe Booth

VP of Sales Operations & Business Development

BuyerAssist is operationalizing buyer-centric selling that will help us and other organizations align with buyers in a whole new way. I have enjoyed working with the BuyerAssist team over the past few months as they build the BuyerAssist platform. I am excited to see their vision come to life as they strive to transform companies to focus on what matters most to their buyers through jointly developed success plans.

Mike Krilich

Global Sales Ops

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